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Lights, camera, blast off: Rocket launches Russian film crew to make Russia's latest space mission had some unusual passengers — an. Luna 3, or E-2A No.1 (Russian: Луна 3) was a Soviet spacecraft launched in as part of The space probe was a cylindric canister with hemispheric ends and a wide. The crew, using hand-held cameras both on board the capsule and in the space station, started filming scenes for the movie as the spacecraft. The three-person crew destined for the International Space Station on Tuesday includes a Russian actor and director who will be shooting the. Soviet engineers pioneered the use of cameras on spacecraft, obtaining the first images of the far side of the Moon and the first images from the surface of. If the project stays on track, the Russian crew will beat a Hollywood project involving Tom Cruise with NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX. Tom Cruise has plans to film in space; Russian actor Yulia Peresild is already doing. Russia. “Welcome to the ISS!” Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, said on Twitter. The crew travelled in a Soyuz MS spaceship for a day mission at. Now Russia is on the cusp of winning another space flight before the United States: beating Hollywood in orbit. A Russian actress, a director. This first feature film in space will be an "experiment", said Chipenko, who will operate the camera, make-up and lighting in the cramped space.

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